3B2 (aka APP, Arbortext Print Publisher)

3B2 is high-end publishing software that has developed into the most powerful and widely deployed publishing engine in the world. Through continuous and varied industry input, it has grown into an unrivalled toolset for bespoke and complex publishing requirements.

The software has been developed in concert with various, and disparate, industries with a focus on automation and modernisation. To this end, 3B2 has always been at the leading edge of technology that assists in the creation of a modern and automated publishing workflow.

3B2/APP is the result of continuous, user driven, development over the past 25+ years. Featuring many industry standard features: Edgar, XML, PDF, CALS, MathML, Unicode, PDF among others. Along with highly sophisticated publishing tools; indexing/referencing, automated page creation, real time automated page configuration/layout, comprehensive table tools and configuration, in-build sizing and scaling, unlimited revision tracking, highly configurable automated floating object control. All supported by modern technologies; JavaScript, Perl, XSLT (and other X-Tools), composition API to allow unlimited configuration and application.

Publishing is a common challenge for a wide range of industries; 3B2 remains the toolbox that overcomes those challenges! … where others fall short.

GPSL was formed to maintain the practice of cutting edge solutions utilising the most advanced enabling technology – 3B2/APP is the core publishing engine technology. Comprising many of the core Advent 3B2 development team along with some of the best system and UI developers, GPSL continues to push the norm and find solutions to issues that off-the-shelf-software simply was never intended to resolve.